Your habits, your interests, your environment. What you do on a daily basis impacts your health. This primarily includes your activity level, your nutrition and your sleep. But all the choices you make in a day/a week/your life affect your lifestyle. So your habits at work, your habits when going out with friends, your choices in the supermarket, your choices when traveling, your choices on a day off, etc. How do you live your life and what (small) changes can you implement to live a healthier life?

Our approach

A healthier lifestyle is crucial to a long and, more importantly, healthy future. Together we will take a look at your current habits and discuss ways to implement small changes to work towards a healthier way of living.

For example, if you have sleep issues, we will discuss options to help improve the quality of your sleep, or the ease with which you fall asleep or stay asleep.

If you lack energy during the day, we will take a look at your activity levels, your diet and try simple things like getting more sunlight, especially early in the day, or trying supplements like vitamin D.

If you feel like you are too busy to stay healthy (exercise, nutrition, sleep) due to work, family, stress, etc. We will look at different approaches for you to get some movement in and/or cook quick yet healthy meals for yourself or your family.

If you have gut or stomach issues, we will look at your nutrition and your lifestyle to see if there are adjustments possible that may make you feel better.

What to expect


Living a long, but healthy life is something that most of us are aiming for. Not just to get old, but to get old in a healthy and happy manner. Exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are key to achieving this but how to fit this in your life is not always easy. I am here to help you find a way to make healthier choices in your life.

Science based approach

From my studies in Exercise Science to tips from neurologists and physiologists around the world, I apply a mix of my personal experience and learnings from renowned scientists to improving the health and fitness of my clients


Hard work pays off, but you have to commit to making it work. Consistency is key. You don’t have to be perfect 24/7, but you have to be consistent. In your training, your lifestyle and your nutrition.

Ready to get started?

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